Saturday, May 7, 2016

Legacy Stash White Blue Super-deck Games Part 2 of 2

Link to the first batch of Solitaire games

Here is the second batch of Solitaire games. Here is the end of game 9. From left to right: Escape Artist, Phantom Warrior, Stinging Barrier (pings for one every turn), Archivist (tap to draw a card, which is just plain awesome!), Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" (buffs ALL creatures by +1/+1), and Mine Bearer.

Game 10 was unique in more ways than one. I locked myself out of white entirely, and I had my play set of Temple of the False God on the board. That's 8 colorless mana from 4 lands!

Here is the end of game 10: Keeper of the Mind, Aven Fogbringer, and Anthroplasm after I threw all that extra mana on it.

Game 11 I was able to use of my manlands.

Here is the end of game 11. I locked myself out of white and could only hit with a Vigilant Drake enchanted by Curiosity.

Game 12 I was able to activate Unstable Shapeshifter, but I made the mistake of using a legendary creature!

Here is the end of game 12. From left to right: Duskrider Falcon,  Keeper of the Nine Gales,  Mine Bearer, Glimmering Angel, Commander Eesha, and Anthroplasm (as cast, not boosted by extra mana).

Game 13 I was able to use Spire Owl to rearrange the top four cards of my deck (Scry 4). Drawing a Brainstorm is not as much of a benefit here, but its Brainstorm.

Here I tap City of Traitors for the 2 colorless mana before I have to sacrifice it.

I got to play Aerial Caravan in this game, which allows me to play the top card of my library after playing 3 mana and having the additional mana to cast the card.

Here is the end of game 13. From left to right: Spire Owl, Hazender Drake, Disruptive Student, Wall of Tears, Aerial Caravan, and Puppeteer.

In game 14 I got to play Shadow Rift, which not only gives a creature Shadow, it also nets you a card.

Here I get to Scry 4 when Sage Aven enters the battlefield.

Here is the end of game 14. From left to right: Mine Bearer, Manta Riders, Sage Aven, Puppeteer, Phantom Warrior, and Razorfoot Griffin.

Game 15 was another weird game. I was able to cast a blue card using Skycloud Egg, but I got locked out of blue for the rest of the game. I could only hit with Bouncing Beebles and Benalish Heralds.

This was a fun experiment. Its the only way I can learn about all those forgotten Legacy cards without annoying opponents playing very powerful decks in Just for Fun.