Saturday, May 21, 2016

Build-up to Eternal Masters

Here is the summary post from newest to oldest. I have been expecting this set for more than two years.

Legacy Goblins
A tribe not requiring an introduction.

Legacy Zombies 
A tribe not requiring an introduction.

Legacy Esper (White/Blue/Black) Shadow
Shadow is an ability found on many Tempest block cards. The creature with Shadow can only be blocked by another creature with Shadow. If you surprise an opponent with a Shadow deck, all they can do is remove your creatures. Everything you play will be unblockable (yikes!).

Legacy Casual Elves
Another tribe not requiring an introduction.
The Deck
Solitaire Games

Legacy Morph White and Green (Deck)
Solitaire Games

Legacy Morph Mono-blue

Legacy Morph Black and Red

Legacy Stash White/Blue 200 Card Deck
Solitaire Games (1 of 2)
Solitaire Games (2 of 2)

Future Sight Devotion to Blue Updated
Adding White

Legacy Competitive Cards

Legacy Slivers

Early Eternal Masters Activity