Saturday, May 7, 2016

Legacy Stash White Blue Super-deck Games Part 1 of 2

Link to the deck

Game 1 I got to use Index.

Here I play Merchant of Secrets and draw a card off of it. I have Crimson Acolyte on the battlefield. Temple of the False God gives me two colorless mana, but I need to have five lands on the battlefield to draw that mana.

Aven Fogbringer is not good in this Solitaire deck because it bounces a land. I want to use this deck against real players at some point, though. Maybe when Eternal Masters is running there will be more people playing Legacy in Just for Fun.

Here is the end of game 1.

Game 2 I got to use Thawing Glaciers, which works great to draw the color I am missing early game.

At this point in game 2 I have Soltari Champion buffing my creatures when it attacks, and it has Shadow (which means it cannot be blocked except by creatures with Shadow). The other creatures, from left to right, are: Tempest Drake, Metathran Aerostat, and Escape Artist.

Here is the end of the game at turn 6.

Game 3 I got to use Index again.

Here I use Flood Plain to balance my mana pool.

Here is the end of Game 3. From left to right: Duskrider Falcon, Voice of Duty, Seasoned Marshal, and Mawcor. I boosted them for the win with Gerrard's Battle Cry.

Here is game 4. At this point I have (first row) Advance Scout enchanted by Capashen Standard, Coral Merfolk; (second row) Ark of Blight and Chromatic Sphere, and Convalescence; and Grim Monolith. The latter is sooo awesome. You get three colorless mana when it lands, then can uptap it for 4 mana later in the game.

Here is the end of game 4 on turn 9. I have added Benalish Heralds.

Here is the end of game 5. From left to right: Robe of Mirrors enchanting Freewind Falcon, Puppeteer, Thalakos Mistfolk, Suntail Hawk, and Alabaster Dragon.

Here is the end of game 6. From left to right: Robe of Mirrors enchanting Freewind Falcon, Keeper of the MindMetathran AerostatRazorfoot Griffin, Voice of Law, and Razorfoot Griffin, Voice of Law, and Serra Advocate.

Here is the end of game 7. From left to right: Feewind Falcon, Dogged Hunter, Honor Guard, Voice of Reason, and Seasoned Marshal.

Game 8 I was able to use Curiosity. Its a free card every time the creature it enchants deals damage to an opponent.

Here is the end of game 8. From left to right: Advance Scout, Mawcor enchanted by Curiosity, Voice of Duty, Noble Benefactor, and Aven Fisher. I also got to play Pearl Medallion.

Link to the other Solitaire games