Sunday, May 1, 2016

[Standard] Sigarda Humans Investigate Learner Deck

I am still getting the cards I want. This deck is along the way. The 'everything Investigate' strategy does not work. Its also important to have flyers. This deck has a bunch of Humans who get Hexproof when Sigarda is on the field. By some random luck, most of the decks I played against were also White/Green decks. And these decks had more Thalia's Lieutenants and/or Tireless Trackers (which I don't have since I am a casual bottom-feeder). Here is the deck.

In this loss I advanced pretty far but was overtaken by Obsessive Skinner counters and Inexorable Blob tokens.

I couldn't paralyze enough of my opponent's creatures.

On that same battlefield counters kept piling up.

At some point I had been chum-blocked out of creatures.

In this loss I did not have enough flyers and because my deck does not get big later, any deck that does has a great advantage. Here Sigil of the Empty Throne kept pumping out 4/4 flying Angels.

And in this loss, my opponent had three Thalia's Lieutenants.

In this lone win my opponent could have won... I was puzzled by them giving up.

Look at all those Clue tokens from Tireless Tracker.