Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[Standard] Zombies (Optimized)

It took a while to get here, and I think we need some key tools for Zombies that I am not finding in this format. If we get them in the next set, that will be awesome. If not, they exist in the older formats (cards like Zombify in Legacy and Unburial Rites and Gravecrawler in Modern). Here is the deck.

The deck plays well. All of the games I show here are wins. I probably lucked out that none of our tournament practice friends decided to drop by Just for Fun when I was playing. Here I play Stitching Skaab from the graveyard and get to cast Prized Amalgam from the graveyard for free. This is the key mid game combo in this deck.

My opponent had some heavy hitters on the board, but I had the flyers. I was able to cast two Geralf's Masterpiece from the graveyard (I would have needed five mana to hard cast them and at this point I only have four mana on the board). It was gg after this.

Here is a second game against a similar deck. My opponent lost some creatures to Deathtouch (Rancid Rats).

Here comes this deck's signature graveyard combo (I play Stitching Skaab from the graveyard and get to cast Prized Amalgam from the graveyard for free).

My opponent took out my Prized Amalgam, but because it didn't get exiled, all this means is that I get to cast it next time I have another card I can cast from my graveyard.

Here I hard cast Geralf's Mastrrpiece.

And here my Rancid Rats go to work. Maybe my opponent didn't realize how Deathtouch works.

Here is the gg moment.

Here is another win. By this time, my opponent had a nice bunch of Clue tokens.

But once my opponent lost their creatures, no enchantment could help them win the game.

Here is a win against a very aggressive red/black deck. It came down to the wire, and it looks like my opponent did not have a spell to hit me for the one life I had left. I had the bigger flyers, and it was gg for the win for me. It took so many variations to get this final and optimized deck!