Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[Standard] Investigate and Zombie early draft decks

I have played these two decks in many variations to date. These are some of the early configurations, and I show these here to give you an idea of how different these decks are to the more optimized decks I will be showing in future posts. Here is a white/green Investigate deck.

Eerie Interlude is a mass flicker effect. With three creatures on the board, it is definitely a good use of three mana in this battlecruiser format.

And if someone sends all of my creatures back to my hand, I am delighted because I get to trigger all those Enter-the-Battlefield events again.

This deck actually beats the control deck that dumps a bunch of Zombie tokens at the end of the game. Those seven Clue tokens are great card advantage.

Especially if your opponent has no flyers.

I got all the zombies and it is a fun deck-building exercise, but this format is missing four drop reanimators like Unburial Rites from the original Innistrad and a really good from-the-graveyard one drop Zombie like Gravecrawler. If slower or less over-powered versions of these two cards are in the next set, Eldritch Moon, I will be overjoyed.

Here is one of the decks. I have gone through at least a dozen major variations.