Saturday, May 14, 2016

Legacy Morph White and Green Part 2 (Solitaire Games)

This deck is to learn how some of these cards play. The solitaire games for this deck are instructive because ramp does not need to interact as much with the opponent. Proteus Machine costs 0 to flip and you get to give it a creature type of your choice. Its a 3 drop 2/2 either way and is therefore more of a good creature to add to a tribe that needs more creatures.

Getting tokens out of Mobilization is a cool effect.

Of course, a great use for Morph early game is when you don't have either the correct mix of mana, or enough mana to pay the full non-Morph casting cost. Also, they cost a little too much, all those 3 drop bears, but you can always swing with them.

Here I got to play Decree of Justice just because I could.

I made Proteus Machine a Cleric to buff it with Shared Triumph.

I got to use Astral Steel just because it was "in the neighborhood." It is not a card with a specific role in a Morph deck.

In a better deck, I am sure you can get the Storm count to be much higher.

Overwhelming Instinct is a cool enchantment "in the neighborhood" that I got to play in this deck.

The main reason to cast Morph cards in White and Green is to ramp better, yet a few of these cards have additional benefits. Here Hystrodon gives me the option of drawing a card.

Here, you can see the underlying cards un-Morphed.