Friday, May 27, 2016

Eternal Masters Set Review: Artifacts and Lands

With so many broken artifacts in Legacy, this selection is very tiny, yet understandable. The new sets from Wizards need to support the ten guilds of Ravnica as Limited archetypes. Every now and then Wizards will work in a Blue/Artifacts deck as it did with M15 (Ensoul Artifact), but most of the time every set obeys this basic rule. That means we can't have sets with many artifacts, which is sad because I love artifacts. Oh, well.... let's finish this review.

Ashnod's Altar: not bad since you can keep doing it.
Chrome Mox: Not Mox Diamond (its on the dreaded Reserve List) This seems more like a Modern Masters reprint. Still a money card I would want, though.

Duplicant: great card. Another Modern Masters-like reprint.
Emmessi Tome: don't know why this card is in this set.

Goblin Chabelcher: sensible reprint, the main piece of a specific deck.
Isochron Scepter: great reprint. I wish it had been at uncommon.

Juggernaut: another card that makes this set remind me of a core set. I don't know why this card is in this set.
Millikin: nice for the reanimation deck.

Mana Crypt: one of the money cards, and like Necropotence and Balance, it is banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage. Put in for pack estimated value, I guess.
Mindless Automaton: feeds the graveyard. Could be useful.

Nevinyrral's Disk: the Oblivion Stone of Legacy, nice include.
Prismatic Lens: great to splash a color, especially in Limited.

Pilgrim's Eye and Relic of Progenitus: workhorses. Pilgirm's Eye is the cure for mana screw, and Relic of Progenitus protects against graveyard shenanigans.

Sensei's Divining Top: sick, and one of the few cards that deserved a rarity bump. In Limited, this card as an uncommon would be really painful. A great card, and an awesome include. Miracles didn't get any reprints, though, and that is the deck in Legacy that this card sees the most use in.
Winter Orb: great in a control shell. I have never played it and want to.

Ticking Gnomes: I want to see it in play. It reads Limited, but it could be fun.
Worn Powerstone: you need to come up with a way to untap it, and then its a solid mana rock.

Karakas: great card. A one-of in a deck.
Mishra's Factory: a cheap man-land, who doesn't want that.

Maze of Ith: very good card. Want to play it.
Wasteland: I hope it goes down in price! I pulled one out of a Tempest Remastered pack: