Friday, May 27, 2016

Eternal Masters Set Review: Blue

Ahhhh, the color of Legacy. This color definitely needs to be toned down to make limited work for this set. Ponder is missing, but Daze is in, and that's great. Let's get rolling.

Arcanis, the Omnipotent: solid, and a great bomb in Limited. Also good in constructed. That 'draw three cards' clause is awesome.
Brainstorm: a card not needing an introduction. If blue was to be balanced in Legacy someday, this card would have to go.

Cephalid Sage: fun card for UB reanimate. Limited.
Control Magic: a crowd favorite, and heartbreak to someone who paid $10 for a booster pack.

Counterspell: no introduction needed.
Daze: finally! Probably the most welcomed reprint in this whole set. The money uncommon of the set. If it comes in a pack with one of the many junk rares, it will make that other pull OK.

Deep Analysis: Limited.
Diminishing Returns: yeah... hope you pull a Daze in the same pack, or else....

Dream Twist: Limited.
Fact or Fiction: a crowd favorite and the template for many other cards and Planeswalker abilities.

Force of Will: I hope I pull one in one of my lottery tickets, and I hope it goes below $15 online.
Future Sight: so much fun I have had with this card! Its one of my favorite Magic cards of all time. The trick is to play it with card draw with Flashback.

Limited, moving on.

Limited and a Shrine.... moving on.

Hydroblast: it would be a much better card if it was red and both choices said 'blue' instead of 'red'.
Inkwell Leviathan: OK, I guess. Hope you pulled a Daze in that pack.

JTMS: the one and only. If you have not played this Planeswalker, this is your chance. Do it! You won't regret it. In this set, those three uncommons will be worth pulling if you pull a JTMS.
Jetting Glasskite: Limited.

Man-o'-War: this could be the only common in the set that is not limited jank.
Memory Lapse: Griptide for two mana instead of four, I will take it. This could be the other common in the set that is not limited jank.

Oona's Grace: Limited.
Merfolk Looter: a common in several core sets....ouch, these uncommons hurt BAD, and in a $10 pack!

Mystical Tutor: great all-around. Great art, great card, great flavor text. I need it!
Peregrine Drake: Limited.

Limited.... moving on.

Limited.... moving on.

Quiet Speculation: this is a solid card and I want to play it!
Serendib Efreet: hope you pull a Daze out of that pack.

Limited.... moving on.

Sprite Noble: very useful, for sure. I wish more of the uncommons other than Daze were like this card.
Tidal Wave: Limited.

Stupefying Touch: Limited.
Warden of Evos Isle: would be really good in Modern. In Legacy... its probably Limited jank.

Wonder: in the great tradition of terrible Legacy creatures, yet I could see it be a very fun creature for kitchen table play.