Monday, June 12, 2017

We Are Back

It's great that Wizards will effectively be going back to where they were before the BFZ+ changes. This is what a year of Magic has been like (from October to August).

Before BFZ: Large-(Small or Large)-(Small or Large)-Core Set
BFZ+: Large-Small-Large-Small
2018+: Large-Large-Large-Core Set

There are so many things to like about this new plan (the so-called THREE+ONE plan).

1. The Core Set is back. That's the most important benefit of the new plan.
2. All sets are large. I love that. More cards, what's not to like?
3. Blocks will be from one to three sets long. Here are the possible ways this could go: 
a. 1-2
b. 2-1
c. 1-1-1
d. 3
4. Take a break with the lottery tickets (Masterpieces, etc). Great!
5. What's the Gatewatch? (Just kidding, but yeah, slow that one down, please!).

My candidates for one set visits: Shards (three friendly colors), and Wedges (three enemy colors).
Two set visits: Artifacts, Culture-themed (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Japanese, Mesoamerica).
Three set visits: Ravnica variants. Although, no kidding, I think a Ravnica variant could go on for two years (six sets) before I got tired of it.

Some themes can be sized at will. Tribal is what I am thinking about. Two sets would work, and I think three sets would work too. There is even a precedent for a one set tribal "block" with Dragons of Tarkir.