Thursday, March 31, 2016

[Legacy] Mirage Ride Like the Wind Theme Deck

This is a white-red deck. It is fairly linear. The major not so linear combo in the deck is to enchant a white creature with Favorable Destiny.

Here are seven solitaire games. If there are new casual players when Eternal Masters comes out, I will try it against humans. Game 1 ended turn 6. I got to enchant a white creature with Favorable Destiny.

Game 2 was a simple beat fest that ended Turn 6.

Game 3 was more interesting. It ended Turn 6 and I was able to enchant Mtenda Herder to make it a 3/4.

Game 4 was a beater ending turn 6.

Game 5 was a beater ending turn 5.

Game 6 was a little more interesting. It ended turn 6 and I had a doubly-enchanted 4/5 Zhalfrin Commander.

Game 7 I got to enchant Burning Shield Askari with Agility, ending turn 6.