Thursday, March 31, 2016

[Legacy] Visions Unnatural Forces Theme Deck

This deck is not well suited to solitaire. Many of the cards are all about disrupting your opponent, which is a very Blue Black thing to do.

Game 1 ended turn 9. Waterspout Djinn must have been a good creature back in the day when a four-drop 4/4 Flyer had to have some annoying drawback. In this case, you just keep dropping and sending back to your hand an Island.

Game 2 was a slow beater ending turn 10.

Game 3 was very slow. It almost ended turn 12. I just needed to hit for one turn 13. I got to use Necromancy on one of the creatures in my graveyard.

Game 4 was a cool game because in solitaire Coral Fighters acts on my library instead of my opponent's and I could use it to Scry 1 every time it hit. Again, this deck in solitaire is very different from how it would behave against a real opponent. I just need more real opponents willing to play truly casual Legacy decks on MTGO.

Game 5 was a relatively fast beater, ending turn 7.

Game 6 was very similar to game 5.

Game 7 was a little 'faster' and ended turn 6. Fetid Horror would be an all-star in a mono-black deck. In this deck, it looks like it was thrown in just because the theme decks are there to showcase a specific block of sets.