Sunday, March 31, 2013

SOM + as a casual affordable format

Now that I am done with the Modern wallet is; I am planning to take the SOM + selection and turn it into a cube. For it, I will start with commanders for each of the ten Return to Ravnica guilds and make a deck for each using my selection for the SOM, ISD, and RTR blocks, and the three core sets in this cycle (Magic 2012, Magic 2013, and Magic 2014). At this point DGM and M14 have not been issued. This  is a very large selection of cards, similar to the dead format known as Extended. This is kitchen table Magic at its best since Modern and Standard are very expensive, but making do with whatever I have is not. Here are the two-color commanders in SOM+.

Here is the color balance for SOM+ISD.

These are all the cards for SOM+ISD. Beginning with SOM is perfect for a multi-use cube: lots of artifacts, lots of graveyard interaction, some great tribal selections, and tons of multicolored cards-latter once I add RTR to it.