Sunday, September 29, 2013

[Modern] Mono Green Lots of Creatures

I have used this deck with a lot of success in Standard, and now in Modern it is also really effective. I even almost beat a RDW Modern deck. (The ultimate test for any deck is to beat an RDW deck!!!).

Here is a match in Just for Fun that I won. My opponent used Aurelia and Eldrazi Conscription.

With Quicksilver Amulet I was able to play Elderscale Wurm, a 15/15 that dies to become three 5/5 tokens with Trample!!! So awesome!!!

Here is an example of why this deck is so awesome: a 19/19 soulbonded Wurm with trample!!!

And this will be my first "historical deck" or one I buy the paper cards for and keep as a deck for the future based on my digital performance.

And here is the more-optimized online version. I am not planning to get more cards online for this deck, at least for now.