Saturday, January 25, 2014

Born of the Gods play notes

As was the case with Gatecrash, I am not planning to attend this pre-release. Therefore, these are my notes for once the cards go down in price online and I start incorporating them into Standard, and perhaps one or two Modern decks.

1. The only two archetypes I am interested in playing are the white one and the red one.

archetype of courage (white: first strike)
archetype of aggression (red: trample)

2. Brimaz (white legendary)

3. All gold cards look interesting. The ones that don't become too expensive I would like to try.

4. Inspired looks like a fun and playable ability.

god-favored general (white)
aerie worshippers (blue)
pain seer (black)
felhide spiritbinder (red)
satyr nyx-smith (red)

5. I want to expand on my casual minotaur tribal (it does not include nor will include Boros Reckoner).

felhide brawler (black) 2/2/2
kragma butcher (red) 3/2/3
oracle of bones (red) 3/3/1 freecaster! (combos with satyr firedancer)

6. Maybe I will try a cyclops tribal

cyclos of one-eyed pass (red) 3/5/2 vanilla

7. Additional cards I am interested in.

hero of aroas (white) aura spells -1
loyal pegasus (white) can't attack/block alone
revoke existence (white) exiler
sunbond (white) enchants when you gain life
fated infatuation (blue) copy creature
evanescent intellect (blue) tap to mill
mindreaver (blue) mill plus sacrifice to counter
whelming wave (blue) kraken/leviathan/octopus/serpent tribal fun!
vortex elemental (blue) elemental tribal
ashiok's adept (black) discard
bile blight (black) -3/-3
black oak of odunos (black) wall
marshmist titan (black) devotion reduces casting cost
ganguimancy (black) devotion card draw
fall of the hammer (red) directed removal
fated conflagration (red) 4 for 5 damage and scry 2
impetous sunchaser (red) flying and haste
searing blood (red) two plus three damage
satyr firedancer (red) damage
thunderous might (red) devotion damage
courser of kuprix (green) mana ramp
aspect of hydra (green) devotion booster
fated intervention (green) cheap tokenizer
hero of leina tower (green) heroic boost
skyreaping (green) plummet variant
springleaf drum (artifact) mana feed
pillar of war (artifact) enchantment+artifacts deck
astral cornucopia (artifact) mana feed