Friday, January 24, 2014

Magic 2012 Online Packs

These are $1.27 a pack from the bots, and I love the Titans. Here are highlights of the packs I cracked and my status for this set of rares and mythic rares. I made some great pulls. I am looking to get as many of the Titans and Planeswalkers as possible to complete playsets.

Here is an Inferno Titan (and a Goblin Grenade, cool card!).

A Chandra's Phoenix.

An Acidic Slime.

A Sorin's Vengeance.

Sorin Markov (nice!).

A Day of Judgement.

An Angelic Destiny.

Here are the rares and mythic rares so far. I had bought a few of these before this booster rampage, especially two Grave Titans (my favorite card of the set).

January 25, 2014 update:

Here are my mythics so far (pulled a Sun Titan!).

March 8, 2014 update (added four packs).