Monday, May 12, 2014

[Modern] Devotion to Green in Tournament Practice

I don't know how bad this deck will perform in Tournament Practice. I will be happy winning 50 percent of the time with it. It costs considerably less to build than the established decks, even though I do not ever see it becoming established.

Game 1: Won, against a Pyromancer Blue-Red deck.

Game 2: Lost, against a Cryptic Command, Snapcaster Mage, Esper Charm, White Sun's Zenith deck.

Game 3: auto-lose against Tarmogoyf Naya Zoo, Wild Nacatl, Kird Ape, LIghtning Bolt, Lightning Helix, Path to Exile.....a very quick death 0-2 match! And that is why the Goyf is the most expensive creature in Modern!

Game 4: Won 2-1 against a Sakura Tribe Elder, Valakut deck. I lost the first game badly, but I used all of my land destruction from the side board to win the next two games.

Game 5: Won 2-1 against a Batterskull, Liliana of the Veil, Damnation, Thoutghtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek deck. The third game was a 20 turn marathon. I find myself switching in Bramblecrush too often; it is time to main-deck it.

I went 3-2 with the first configuration, which is not bad.

In the new configuration I have 3 Bramblecrush main-decked, and this was just what I needed when I faced a Tron deck in game 6. I won a very decisive 2-0 against this deck.

In game one my opponent was able to triple his Urza lands to drop a Wurmcoil Engine, but Acidic Slime killed it with deathtouch.

My opponent played some counter spells, but I have many creatures in my deck. I was able early on to soulbond a Wolfir Silverheart to activate drawing 8 cards with Garruk.

Here a Cyclonic Rift sends all of my non-land permanents back to my hand, but Nykthos allows me to recover only losing one land that I did not need.

Here is the gg kamikaze with double soulbonded Wolfirs.

Game 2 was even more decisive. My opponent may have realized that I had enough land destruction to win against Tron, and it sure looks like I do judging by this one match. Of course, I need to play this deck many times against Tron. I could have just gotten lucky during this match.

As of May 12
Configuration 1: 3-2
Configuration 2: 1-0