Sunday, January 8, 2017

Aether Revolt Review: White

Aether Revolt is a small set. I am most interested in more Energy cards and more build-around artifacts.

Aerial Modification: It would have been amazing at a lower casting cost just because it would have saved you all that tapping to activate vehicles. As it is, it comes in mid to late game. This card is a missed opportunity for Vehicles to become a Modern deck.
Aether Inspector: Solid in Limited. With Displace (Eldritch Moon), you can bring it back again to get two more Energy out of it.

Aeronaut Admiral: Mid game effect is good for an uncommon. Another effect that would have been much more impactful at a lower casting cost.
Aethergeode Miner: For two Energy, you can keep it safe after a board wipe attempt, or even a target destruction attempt, which does make up for the low toughness. This will be a great card to satisfy the 'left the battlefield' clause on other cards in this set. This is the chase white non-legendary rare of this set. If only there was a way to enchant it and make it unblockable with a card like Aqueous Form from Theros.

Airdrop Aeronauts: Reasonable in battlecruiser. Flying shouldn't be such a bonus in White and on an uncommon-by this I mean that it could have been a 5 drop 5/4 or 4/5 at uncommon. If you flickered Aethergeode Miner, you had a permanent leave the battlefield.
Audacious Infiltrator: Should be great in Limited. Any card with evasion from artifacts in an artifact block is great in Limited. I am six cards in and three of them are 3/1s.

Alley Evasion: Very good evasion in Limited. I like that evasion is in the title. Now we need a black card with 'Target Removal' in the title.
Bastion Enforcer: Good in Limited. I hope someday there will be strong vanilla-matters cards.

Call for Unity: It reads great, but it is still a 5-drop that cannot on its own win games. I think this card is a junk rare. Compare with Cathar's Crusade from Avacyn Restored, another 5-drop junk rare ("Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.")
Consulate Crackdown: While all those artifacts are temporarily exiled, you could use Devoid cards for effect. It can be a great come-back play when you are down against a field of artifacts and about to lose.

Caught in the Brights: One more mana than Pacifism. It's a solid play when you are playing Vehicles in Limited.
Conviction: Gives one of your creatures a fat butt. I like it. It should be great in Limited, and you can pick it up for one mana if that creature is destroyed.

Countless Gears Renegade: A solid common. You can play it after combat and you get the token.
Dawnfeather Eagle: Another solid common in Limited.

Deadeye Harpooner: Now we are talking. I like the combo. First, flicker one of your critters, then play this during post-combat, and destroy one of your opponent's creatures. Wait... it gets better. If you can flicker it twice, you can destroy two creatures. Solid, very solid. I want to play this card. Displace is still in Standard.
Decommission: Limited. Small life gain that is not part of an overall strategy is a wasted use of resources.

Deft Dismissal: It reads like a red card that costs more mana than it should. It reads like a common.
Felidar Guardian: Flicker help. That's great. At four mana, it will get a lot less use than if it was a two mana creature, even if it was, say, 0/2.

Ghirapur Osprey: solid common in Limited.
Exquisite Archangel: great effect. It does read Mythic, even if it will likely be one of the cheaper Mythics. The Commander players will be very happy with this card.

Restoration Specialist: very, very nice. There are so many great artifacts and enchantments that could be returned in all formats. This is a great uncommon, a great card, period. Something needs to drop a bunch of cards in my graveyard fast, and then for three mana, I can, effectively draw two of those cards. I want to play it bad.
Sram's Expertise: Much better in other formats. In battlecruiser standard there aren't any truly broken and still legal cards to free-cast with this. It's "a card." That card can be anything! It can be Liliana of the Veil, it can be Snapcaster Mage. In white-green Modern with mana dorks, you can cast it turn three and drop something busted for free. Sweet!

Solemn Recruit: Dwarfs is already a fun deck. Nice addition. You can cast it and not do anything with it until it grows. There are enough flicker effects in this set to get this to be a double-strike 4/4 in two turns. Solid in battlecruiser Standard. I am not so sure this card is as strong in Modern.
Sram, Senior Edificer: It reads legendary. It had me at "draw a card." It will be very strong in Standard Constructed. Remember, we are building up to 8-set Standard. This card will get better and better with every set that gets added this year.

Thopter Arrest: A battlecruiser Oblivion Ring. Once it rotates from Standard, it will never see play again, unless there is a need to have a fifth or sixth Oblivion Ring in a deck (that's an interesting deck to think about). Compare this text with "When Oblivion Ring enters the battlefield, exile another target nonland permanent. When Oblivion Ring leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control."