Monday, November 12, 2018

Ravnica Boros Guild Kit expanded to Commander: Aurelia

The paper build is in the following playlist:

I made some substituions online for expensive pixels I am not planning to rent.

Here are a few solitaire board states. Tablet of the Guilds gain me a lot of life in small increments.

In this game, I had enough mana rocks to drop many creatures in a single turn.

This is the result.

Aurelia's second battle phase is quite the beater.

Tutoring for Dinosaurs could be something worth expanding in this deck.

Here is a sequence with Assemble the Legion.

If it is not stop, Assemble the Legion, aptly named, will assemble a legion of tokens.

This is just a test board test. In a real game, everyone would be plotting to take out this great enchantment.

Helm of the Host on Aurelia makes for an infinite loop.

No matter how many Aurelias there are on the board, there will only be ONE additional battle phase.

But every time you attack, you will create a new Aurelia, and the additional battle phase... to infinity.

For Afros Kos, the boost will get bigger and bigger.

... and bigger.

... and bigger.