Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ravnica Allegiance Nikya Gruul Commander Build

This is an all-creature build. It can drop Nikya very early, and once on the board, the double mana from all your lands lets you drop everything you draw on the board fast... really fast. This deck can swarm effectively turn after turn, but a single board wipe would mean a guaranteed loss.

A turn 4 (turn 5 in a real game) Nykia is no problem.

Soul of the Harvest is here to draw extra cards.

Ghor-Clan Ravager and other creatures with sorcery effects are very useful in this deck since it's an all-creature deck. Here is an example boosting Predator Ooze.

Here are example plays for two creatures that get boosted by the number of creatures on the board: Ulasht, the Hate Seed and Elder of Laurels.

A 16/16 Ulasht, the Hate Seed.

A 21/22 Elder of Laurels.

Experiment One can get very big in this deck.

The board gets filled very quickly. I have an empty hand here.

Here, I have just played Nikya. Let's see how much of my hand I can play in this one turn.

There you have it.

Next turn, I can attack with Grand Warlord Rahda, and cast everything else in my hand during my end step.

Here is a turn 6 'I played everything in my hand.'

Baring a board wipe, devotion to green gets a high number. Let's see how much I can cast with Nikya.

'Look ma, no cards in my hand.' Great card!