Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shadows over Innistrad Review: Green

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I will leave double-faced cards, or DFCs, for a separate section.

Aim High: limited.
Briarbridge Patrol: great way to drop a really big creature on the battlefield. It is much heavier than similar creatures in the non-rotating formats, yet in Standard constructed it will be really useful.

Byway Courier: limited, yet useful if you can sacrifice it to trigger Delirium.
Drathcap Cultivator: Standard format mana dork. Great that it can generate mana in black as well. If it was a one drop it would be a chase rare.

Clip Wings: not nearly as good as Plummet because your opponent chooses the creature, yet better than Plummet against Hexproof and in multi-player.
Equestrian Skill: limited, although I would like to try t in constructed.

Cryptolith Rite: this is a great card. I am not sure if its a chase rare, but it reads like a Modern plant. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I like this card. It turns all of your creatures into mana dorks. In Modern, this is a great way to cast a giant Eldrazi early in the game.
Confront the Unknown: great uncommon, especially in constructed where you are more likely to have a bunch of Clue tokens on the battlefield.

Crawling Sensation: the clause is optional, which makes it safe. I think this is a great card for the cost, and I want to play it. I would buff the tokens while I am at it. I would also recover the lands if possible.
Cult of the Waxing Moon: block card, or put to good use when combined with the Innistrad DFCs. Its heavy for the effect in any format other than battlecruiser Standard.

Fork in the Road: every set needs this card. Good in limited AND constructed.
Graf Mole: lifegain does not seem to trigger much in this set. It could be useful in black/green to trigger opponent's loss of life when you gain life. Otherwise, it seems harmless.

Gloomwidow: Avacyn Restored (and before that Shadowmoor) reprint. Reasonable card, nothing Earth-shattering.
Groundskeeper: solid one-drop. If you already have one land for your Delirium trigger in your graveyard, all the others can be reused thanks to this creature.

Howlpack Resurgence: a Wolf and Werewolf lord at uncommon is a beautiful sight to behold.
Moldgraf Scavenger: limited.

Inexorable Blob: I better figure an efficient way to trigger Delirium. If I do, this card will be great! And after the pre-release I think triggering Delirium in green is reasonable enough to make this a great card.
Moonlight Hunt: very interesting card. I like it a lot. It allows you to use multiple creatures to take out a larger creature.

Intrepid Provisioner: limited.
Loam Dryad: necessary in a Standard no longer having access to one drop mana dorks.

Kessig Dire Swine: limited.
Might Beyond Reason: seems a little over-costed. It will be good in limited at least.

Obsessive Skinner: I love this card. I need to figure out how to best trigger Delirium, and once I do, this card is awesome. In Modern this card can be adding counters left and right.
Quilled Wolf: limited.

Pack Guardian: not bad. You can play it anytime you can cast an instant, and you can drop a 2/2 at the same time. This can be a great surprise move in your favor.
Rabid Bite: every set needs a card like this one. Good in limited AND constructed.

Root Out: Naturalize for one more mana. Let's see how good Investigate turn out because that extra mana makes a big difference.
Thronhide Wolves: limited.

Seasons Past: definitely reads mythic, and in a deck with good graveyard seeding and a well-designed mana curve, you should be able to get a full hand of cards out of your graveyard. Its costed well for Standard constructed, yet is worth trying in Modern.
Tireless Tracker: awesome card. Whenever means many times if this thing remains alive for several turns. Not quite a chase rare, yet a very good one.

Second Harvest: double my tokens? I am game. Great card.
Soul Swallower: is this repeatable? If so, this thing gets big fast with Delirium. Great Timmy card.

Silverfur Partisan: great token generator. In Modern with Snapcaster Mage I can generate double the number of tokens. I like it a lot.
Stoic Builder: limited, yet has its uses. Getting a land out of the graveyard is very good.

Traverse the Ulvenwald: a one drop creature tutor is really good. This card will do very well in Standard, and could even be a chase rare. Remember, you can search for any creature or any land with the Delirium clause.
Ulvenwald Mysteries: great card. I would put in into a discard deck where I can recast a sacrificed creature.

Vessel of Nascency: if you have scryed before, say, in Modern, then activating this card will be really good. Without Scry you have to get lucky. In Standard constructed, this is a must have in decks that need to seed the graveyard for the 'four types of cards' trigger. It should be called 'Vessel of Delirium.'
Ulvenwald Hydra: every set needs a mythic hydra. It will at least be a 6/6 and you only get the extra land once.

Veteran Cathar: guild foreshadow. The double strike cost is a little heavy. Reads solid in Standard constructed.
Weirding Wood: one more mana casting cost than it would have made it playable in Modern, and it will be great in Standard constructed.

Watcher in the Web: limited.

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