Saturday, July 9, 2016

Eldritch Moon Set Review - Double Faced Cards

Not excited about Meld, they will make nice collectibles.

Extricator of Sin/Extricator of Flesh: Interesting, but I see too much sacrifice for the payoff. I would need to sacrifice into a reanimator shell where I have many ways to recover the sacriiced creature out of the graveyard.

Lone Rider/It That Rides as One: I like the Lone Rider bit, nice title. It's a nice flip, and it makes all those unplayable gain life cards from Limited playable, and that's a great positive.

Curious Homunculus/Voracious Reader: The front should really be a common, but I guess the rarity needs to match on both sides. It should make the instants and sorceries deck better near the end of the game. There is a lot of setting up to get there, though.

Docent of Perfection/Final Iteration: This card is a little confusing. If it said "Spirit" that would have made more sense. Now I need to hunt down enough Wizards to be able to transform it. I see it as a fun card in a Modern Wizards deck.

Grizzled Angler/Grisly Anglerfish: This card requires you to be in blue only just enough, or to use the blue casting colorless cards in Battle for Zendikar block. If you are going to pay that much mana after the flip to force your opponent to attack, you better have something you want to do when that happens, like giving Grisly Anglerfish Deathtouch. I see a lot of work to set this up.

Voldaren Pariah/Abolisher of Bloodlines: It reads like a junk rare, and it can be fun in Standard. Having three creatures to sacrifice is a lot of setting up, and then you need your opponent to also have three creatures to make them sacrifice them. That is a lot of setting up and a great effect only in a very narrow board state. In battlecruiser and EDH that state can happen often. In other formats, not.

Conduit of Storms/Conduit of Emrakul: There aren't enough cards in this set that you would want to save mana for. I don't understand what this card is doing here. I will have to think about this one some more.

Smoldering Werewolf/Erupting Dreadwolf: Fun if you have a boatload of mana to flip it. I am not seeing it. So far it looks like someone needed to fill a slot with a DFC. None of the DFCs so far seem to be good.

Vildin-Pack Outcast/Dronepack Kindred: Limited.

Kessig Prowler/Sinuous Predator: Limited. Should be a common for the front. I like the inverse Menace clause on the back, but the flip to a 4/4 is costed at common.

Shrill Howler/Howling Chorus: Limited, reads like a common for the front. The back is great, though. I love those 3/2 tokens.

Tangleclaw Werewolf/Fibrous Entangler: Front reads like a common. By the time you have seven mana to transform, your opponent should be ready to win the game. The flip side doesn't say "you win the game."

Ulvenwald Captive/Ulvenwald Abomination: Limited.

Ulrich of the Krallenhorde/Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha: Reads like a solid junk rare. I am missing why it is Mythic. All of the DFCs in this set read one level below in power level to the DFCs in Shadows over Innistrad. There is a lot of power in the mono-colored cards, though. Maybe it's a design decision.