Friday, July 8, 2016

Eldritch Moon Set Review - Black

So far so good, although I didn't get any low cast blue Zombies.

Boon of Emrakul: Limited, yet versatile. It can act as removal, and it can act as a booster.
Borrowed Malevolence: Versatile, and an Instant. That is just great!

Cemetery Recruitment: Limited. I like that clause a lot ("draw a card").
Collective Brutality: this is a great card. The one time cost to trigger three actions is fantastic.

Certain Death: Certainly Limited.
Cryptbreaker: a solid one drop Zombie. I need this card bad. Now we need a Sorcery that reads "untap three creatures you control." Zombie No.1.

Dark Salvation: this is just awesome. I want to play it in a Modern Devotion to Black deck.
Dusk Feaster: I would rather have it as a 5 drop and not have to go to all that trouble. Should have been a common.

Gavony Unhallowed: The counters stay. If you board wipe for 3 or less, this thing can get big. I am not sure why its a common. Zombie No.2.
Markov Crusader: I would have said limited, but in battlecruiser, I guess it should be an uncommon.

Graf Harvest: I think this is a great card. Menace is no joke. And if you have some solid removal, you can help your position with Menace a lot.
Liliana, the Last Hope: aggressively costed, but the abilities are nowhere near as dangerous as Liliana of the Veil. LOTV is so much more powerful. The ultimate is pretty sweet, though. It goes well in a Zombie deck, but I wish the +1 ability had done something for Zombies.

Haunted Dead: You don't want to hard cast this card. You want to discard it, and then cast it from the graveyard. I need more Zombies. Zombie No.3.
Murder: Hello, old friend. Sorry you got bumped from common.

Noosegraf Mob: Zombie No.4. This is a great combo with Proliferate in Modern, but it's a six drop. I guess this one goes for the EDH crowd.
Liliana's Elite: Oh, now we are talking. "for every" is only bested by "draw a card" in what I like to see on a card. Zombie No.5.

Oath of Liliana: That's just too hard a way to drop a Zombie token. There are only so many planewalkers a deck can take, with the exception of the superfriends deck.
Olivia's Dragoon: Limited, still a nice bear.

Prying Questions: Now this would have been awesome with Flashback. It is still good, but more like battlecruiser good.
Rise from the Grave: needed reprint for reanimator.

Ruthless Disposal: Oh, that is so cool. Oh, that is so not playable. Compare to Tragic Slip, and you will know what I mean. One drop gets you one of these -13/-13 fun tricks if a creature has died this turn. That is so much better than this.
Thraben Foulbloods: Limited. Zombie No. 6.

Skirsdag Supplicant: I want to untap it, and do this many times, making sure I have more life. Can this card be broken? Maybe not.
Stromkirk Condemned: Not sure how good this can be. It's not a Zombie, and we don't have any 'play from the graveyard' vampires. I am putting this one in my 'keep thinking about this card' pile.

Strange Augmentation: Limited.
Succumb to Temptation: Great title. I really like this card. It's a needed replacement for Read the Bones, even if not nearly as good.

Tree of Perdition: Compare to Tree of Redemption from Innistrad. That one is in green and you use on yourself. This one you use to trigger Triskaidekaphobia.
Wailing Ghoul: Zombie No. 7. Limited, and a great way to drop early into the graveyard.

Vampire Cutthroat: Solid. As long as you don't bump it up, it will most often be unblockable.
Whispers of Emrakul: Reads like a common.

Weirded Vampire: Limited. I wish there was a better title for this one. It's titled a Vampire and it is a Vampire.