Friday, July 8, 2016

Eldritch Moon Set Review - Red

Got my Zombies, let's see what Red has to offer.

Abandon Reason: Reads like a common.
Bold Impaler: Seems really good. It can be pumped for a lot. Make it unblockable in Modern, generate a ton of red mana, win.

Alchemist's Greeting: Limited.
Bedlam Reveler: Oh, this is good. Now I want to build an instants and sorceries deck with this in it. It screams Flashback.

Blood Mist: A little heavy for the effect, yet I like this thing of making red work better midrange instead of everything good in red being made for Red Deck Wins.
Assembled Alphas: A little heavy, yet I like the effect. It has a really good deterrent against wanting to block it.

Collective Defiance: This is a great card to put in the instants and sorceries deck. It's such a cheap escalate cost to get all three abilities!
Borrowed Hostility: getting both for four mana does not seem that great. I would use it for the first ability and call it a day.

Deranged Whelp: Borderline common. I want to build a wolf deck someday.
Brazen Wolves: Limited.

Distemper of the Blood: Limited. I really like the Madness cost of this card.
Falkenrath Reaver: Limited.

Furyblade Vampire: That's a really great effect. With some well timed removal, this card can cause a lot of damage. And I can discard more than one card.
Insatiable Gorgers: I am placing this card in my 'let me think about this card' pile. It's going to die a lot more often than you would want it to. It's slightly aggressive, but not extremely so.

Galvanic Bombardment: very nice. Compare it to Kindle. This one costs one less mana? That's crazy. Yeah, very, very nice.
Impetuous Devils: A mono red version of Spark Trooper from Gatecrash minus the lifelink. I can't wait to play it even if it destined to be a junk rare.

Harmless Offering: Great artwork! So cute! If by target it means you pick the permanent, that is one sweet deckbuilding challenge.
Incendiary Flow: A much needed and missed tool. A better Lightning Strike? I will take it. I even think the rarity bump is worth it.

Make Mischief: Limited.
Nahiri's Wrath: There is a deck out there that can turn casting this card a one shot win and I want to think about it. It definitely reads Mythic.

Mirrorwing Dragon: Because every set needs a Dragon. I want to see how it works if it turns out to be affordable.
Otherworldy Outburst: I love these cards that drop a 3/2 token. This is so much fun to play. I want to play this card bad. And it is a common!

Prophetic Ravings: Versatile, I like it! Wizards keeps making cards to help Tibalt. I am all for that.
Savage Alliance: Versatile is the motto of this set, and this card is representative of that versatility.

Shreds of Sanity: Nice recycling for the instant and sorceries deck.
Thermo-Alchemist: Not bad. Limited, yet not bad. There could even be an instants and sorceries deck in Limited.

Spreading Flames: Another versatile card. A little heavy, yet versatile.
Stensia Innkeeper: Limited.

Stensia Banquet: Limited, and a super fun card. I love these commons in this set. So much fun!
Weaver of Lightning: If you cast a bunch of them, you can take out a big critter with this thing. Nice.

Stromkirk Occultist: Sweet card. I love the free casting effect on a red card. I want to build a sweet red midrange deck some day.