Friday, May 12, 2017

Standard Amonkhet Cats

I hope that there are more cats in Hour of Devastation. Right now, the best games for this deck are gallant losses. It was worth trying, though. This is what Johnny deckbuilding is all about.

I feel like I am playing one of my terrible limited decks with no flyers, but against constructed decks... ouch. Here, I won thanks to a well-timed Plummet.

And here I won because my opponent did not have all the tools on the board that come with a Red Deck Wins deck.

The losses are more illustrative of why this deck needs help from the next set. Here are ten turns waiting for Regal Caracal to show up.

And here is a loss against a deck with a lot more synergy than my cats deck.

I was close, but it was not close enough.