Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Forecast for Modern Masters

I do not get this "limited run" decision. If MM is only sold in the LGSs, and for a higher price, pretty much any MM card will be more expensive and have a lower print run than the original card, and with Magic already being expensive enough, MM can only steal from a player's Standard money pool.

I elaborate: if MM reprints Bob (Ravnica's Dark Confidant), that reprint Bob will have a smaller print number than the original. And this difference will be even larger for commons and uncommons, which in their original printings, like Bob, were available at Walmart and Target. (I wasn't around for that but I assume that Magic cards have been available at Walmart and Target for many years).

If MM is not available at Walmart and Target, and is not priced like the regular packs-and both of the former are true; it has a high probability of being a lesser failure than Commander's Arsenal, but not the thing that will bring out the modern-playing zombies out of their graves.