Sunday, February 1, 2015

I have been thinking about Modern Masters 2 (a.k.a. MM15, a.k.a. Modern Masters 2015)

Modern Masters was $7 a pack and I made it a point not to buy a single pack on paper because cash grab rip offs really piss some customers off, and I am one of those customers. MM has been the only paper product I was interested in in theory that I decided to skip on account of price. My reasoning was very simple. Say I bought a box of MM at $250 (the going rate at the time) and I pull one Tarmogoyf. An MM with one Goyf is what most would refer to as a good box. OK, now what do I do about the other three Goyfs to build a proper Goyf deck? You guessed it, I am stuck with that one Goyf. I can call it a great pull, but I am not buying the other three Goyfs.

I believe Modern Masters burned a lot of players. Many of those players spent in multiples of $250 per box and came out with a lot less than that in Estimated Value (EV), which is the currency of trade. O.K. each MM pack had a foil. Guess what? Magic foils look like crap after a few years.

Enter Modern Masters 2015, or MM2 and now the packs are $10... I wonder what could go into a pack of MM2 for it to cost $10. Ten packs of MM2 is $100, which is what a booster box of Journey into Nyx goes for. NYX has a ton of EV for $100.

The digital story was a little better for Modern Masters from my perspective. I bought 10 packs online, and my pulls were terrible (as I think was the case of the paper experience for many given the $7 cost per pack), but the singles were priced great online and I was able to build many Just for Fun decks at what I thought was a reasonable cost.

I will be the first to eat my words and buy a ton of MM2 paper and digital if I am wrong here, but $10 packs.... ouch! Now, if MM2 has Griselbrand at rare.... that will be a different story!

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