Saturday, April 2, 2016

Abilities: Transmute

I am all into solitaire these days, and its because I like to learn about how specific categories of Magic cards work, and the formats with opponents are full of over-powered decks and players who are mostly interested in winning a game or match.

Transmute is from the original Ravnica set. You pay the transmute cost and then can tutor for a card with the same casting cost (regardless of colors). This is a really good ability, and I am surprised that it has not found a home in the competitive decks. This trial deck is Modern.

The mana curve is important when using transmute. A 6-drop with transmute is your tutor for your 6-drops, and so on.

I am not as interested in how many turns it takes to win with this deck. It is fast enough, but the focus here is to see Transmute at work.

Here I get to tutor one of my 5-drops. I chose Tamiyo, even though in this specific game I already had the win. Its solitaire. In a real game, I would have been slowed enough that I would have been able to cast Tamiyo.

Here is the first end-game. Baby Jace is very reliable in this deck, and it ended up that tutoring for 2-drops and 3-drops worked best since the Transmute cost is usually 3 mana..

Here is another end-game, and I did get to play Tamiyo.

Here is a game in which I tutored my 4-drops.

Here is another game in which I sacrificed and drew a total of two cards. Even though this deck is a Transmute test deck, it is also a test deck for Ravnica block cards.

Being able to tutor for Dimir Guildmage consistently makes Transmute a solid ability.

Here I tutor my 3-drops. This transmute card might as well be a 3-drop sorcery that says 'tutor one of your 3-drops.' Tutoring planeswalkers is great.

In this same game I also tutored a 4-drop. Empty the Catacombs needs a deck with more graveyard interactions than this test deck.

This end-game was fun: a board full of creatures. Of course, in a real game I probably would not have gotten this far.

Here I tutor my 2-drops.

And in the same game I tutor my 3-drops.

A typical Trsnsmute-heavy end-game here, with my favorite 2-drop, Dimir Guildmage, and my favorite 3-drop, baby Jace, or Jace Beleren.