Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[Vintage] All Artifacts Just for Fun

This is a concept deck. You can't counter spells with 'All Artifacts.' All you can do is race like an Elf deck to a fast finish. I started in Solitaire, and you will see at the end of the post why Vintage is a Solitaire-only format these days unless you are playing with all of the cards I don't have (the remaining Power 9 I am missing, Force of Will, and the blue ABU-Alpha, Beta, Unlimited-dual lands).

Look at that turn 3 finish in Solitaire.

And here is a turn 2 state that would have been another turn 3 finish.

The deck was not as fluid as I know I can make it. I made a few changes since I don't need Voltaic Key and I want to continue trying out Foundry Inspector. I also want some extra card draw from Hedron Archive.

Here is Metalworker giving me 10 mana.

And here is the outcome.

Here is a turn 4 finish in Solitaire.

This is a great hand.

It gets me 8 mana from Metalworker.

And next turn, I win. Of course, in Solitaire Wurmcoil Engine does not deal any damage because of Lifelink, but in real life it would.

Here is Metalworker giving me 6 mana.

A turn 3 win.

That would be 30 damage and 30 life gain.

Here is a turn 4 win.

Here is 8 mana from Metalworker.

Solitaire turn 1 with 7 left-over mana. Of course, this is nothing to boast about. This means that with only artifacts, you cannot fully optimize a deck, and that is the way the designers of this game meant it.

Turn 3 winning state in Solitaire.

And this is why I play Vintage almost exclusively in Solitaire. I either face decks that have no Power 9, no Jace, the Mind Sculptor...

Or I go into tournament practice and I get slaughtered.

Yeah, there is no fun in watching your opponent take infinite turns.