Monday, November 14, 2016

Solitaire Vintage Electrostatic Pummeler 'let's find out' Deck

This is a fun card, and also a good card to find out how the online client works, just for fun! This deck is not that workable, it's just a 'let's find out' deck. To make it workable, I would add black and tutor for Electrostatic Pummeler.

Here is a turn 3 in Solitaire with a lot of Energy and a way to trigger a lot more Energy.

Tons of Energy.

I am at 54 Energy.

Then a draw a ton with Paradoxical Outcome in hopes of getting one of my Pummelers. Again, it's a lot easier to add black and tutor, here I am being lazy.

Now I have my Pummeller.

I am at 72 Energy.

I cast two more cards and I am at 102 Energy. This is a fictitious experiment, of course.

Here is my 2,147,483,647/2,147,483,647 Electrostatic Pummeler.

I guess this is the lowest negative life the client will account for. I just hit for over 2 billion life.

Of course, Panharmonicon is so much fun. Look at all that Energy!