Thursday, August 20, 2020

Five Color Gates Standard Deck Part 1

 This deck is a lot of fun. I will describe it in two posts, one before high end flyers are added, and one after. All screenshots are MTGO solitaire. Here is the deck:

We will need at least one Arboreal Grazer in our opening hand.

District Guide will help us get the colors we need, but we have to be careful about which 3-drops we add, otherwise the deck is mostly 3-drops. I only have a couple of this card in this deck.

The deck plays out well most of the time except for the obvious lack of flyers, which I fix in the second post in this blog.

Gatebreaker Ram does not fly, but is always big in this deck.

Here is another good first hand.

Here Gate Colossus is only costing me 3 mana to cast.

Gateway Sneak becomes indestructible on any turn in which I play a Gate.

Gates Ablaze is my board wipe. I only have a couple in the deck because I also use Banishing Light, which works for all non-land permanents. 

Sometimes I can drop four gates with two Arboreal Grazers. It's a rare occurrence, but it feels great.