Sunday, August 9, 2020

2019-2020 8-set Standard MTG Arena Match-ups

 In this post, I plan to annotate the match-ups I have been uploading to my YouTube channel as I work my way through a cube I am building for the very first 8-set Standard with all large sets in Magic's now long and beautiful history. There are multiple posts, given that for some decks I have recorded many games I played with the deck or many games in which I played against the deck (looking at you Ominous Seas and RDW).

1. Rakdos 

2. WU Flyers 

Game 1

Game 2

3. Selesnya 

4. Gruul 

5. Orzhov Vampires 

6. Red Deck Wins 

7. Lurrus 

8. Abzan Stompy 

9. BUG Flash 

10. Mono-black WAR Ugin (A loooooooong game) 

11. Post-ban Simic Ramp