Monday, August 31, 2020

Trostani 8-set Standard

This deck has some fun interactions.

Constellation triggers tokens from casting enchantments.

Beast Whisperer draws me cards every time I cast a creature.

Arboreal Grazer is great to drop two lands early game and also to trigger Beast Whisperer middle to late game.

What's better than Beast Whisperer? Multiple Beast Whisperers. It's a 4-drop, though.

This will rarely happen, but it's what makes this deck fun.

Trostani drops two tokens.

Making one of the creatures hexproof is really useful. I have used this trick in so many decks!

And when combined with Hydra's Growth, it's a key feature of the deck.

Victory's Envoy only needs to be on the board one turn to make all creatures bigger.