Saturday, June 4, 2016

Eventide for Devotion Part 1

Same deal as for Shadowmoor. Some of these cards are great, and some are great in a devotion deck. In this scan, I am only interested in the latter.

Bloodied Ghost: good within block.
Deathbringer Liege: devotion lord.

Divinity of Pride: I guess life gain can be really useful here. Awesome devotion.
Edge of the Divinity: auto-include enchantment for devotion.

Everstrike: strong card. More useful outside of devotion.
Gwyllion Hedge-Mage: token maker, useful for that.

Harvest Gwyllion: Limited.
Nightsky Mimic: Useful outside of Limited.

Nip Gwyllion: Limited.
Restless Apparition: devotion auto-include.

Stillmoon Cavalier: reasonable devotion count and solid abilities.
Voracious Hatchling: not for a devotion deck, but very useful.

Clout of the Dominus: auto-include enchantment.
Crackleburr: reasonable devotion and great abilities.

Crag Puca: auto-include in devotion.
Dominus of Fealty: auto-include in devotion.

Mindwrack Liege: devotion lord. One more mana than I need to pay, though.
Mirror Sheen: interesting and useful, but not in devotion.

Noggle Bandit: Limited.
Noggle Bridgebreaker: Limited.

Nogle Hedge-Mage: very useful, but not for devotion.
Noggle Ransacker: very useful, but not for devotion.

Nucklavee: very useful, but not for devotion.
Riverfall Mimic: Limited.

Shrewd Hatchling: counter removal cycle, nice card, but not for devotion.
Stream Hopper: Limited.

Canker Abomination: can suck if your opponent has a bunch of creatures.
Creakwood Liege: devotion lord.

Deity of Scars: great devotion, auto-include.
Desecrator Hag: Limited, yet useful in Constructed.

Doomgape: nice finisher, but not for devotion.
Gift of the Deity: way too heavy.... still a nice enchantment for devotion.

Hag Hedge-Mage: useful, but not for devotion.
Noxious Hatchling: useful, but not for devotion.

Odious Trow: Limited,
Quillspike: useful, but not for devotion.

Rendclaw Trow: Limited.
Sapling of Colfenor: solid commander, not for devotion.

Stalker Hag: useful, but not for devotion.
Woodlurker Mimic: useful outside of Limited, but not for devotion.