Sunday, June 26, 2016

[Vintage] Casual Affinity Part 1 of 2

I have only played this deck in Solitaire because the number of people playing Vintage that would want to play such a casual deck IS the definition of the number ZERO. Yet this is such a fun deck. It is full to the brim with Johnny joy. You look at the deck list and you see three moxen, and you wonder why I call this deck casual: IMHO in Legacy, you play Dredge, power 9 including Black Lotus, or you are playing casual. That's just my humble opinion.

Emmesi Tome is my main way to pop out lands from the top of my library once Future Sight is on the board.

Early turns the deck can drop aggressively.

Here is a great turn 7 board position.

Turn 9 I have both planeswalkers, I have already dropped my big critter, and can Brainstorm using Jace, the Mind Sculptor (JTMS).

Because I only have one Tolarian Academy and I am not tutoring for it, when it drops, I effectively have infinite mana.

With Frantic Search, I can tap Tolarian Academy, generate a ton of mana, untap it, and then tap Tolarian Academy again.

I can get close to milling myself with almost all of the permanents in the deck on the board.

Here I have 14 cards left in my deck.

Look at all that mana!

More Frantic Searches!

Link to Part 2