Saturday, June 18, 2016

Eternal Masters Buys Part 2

Link to Part 1

Three more lottery tickets. No major pulls, but a few good commons (be positive, right!)

I am moving on from trying any more packs... my pulls have been dismal, and they are $7 a pop... ouch. The yield out of these packs has been really bad. I love cracking packs, but enough is enough. This is my current want list. I am not sure I am going to build Reanimator with more Entombs. The one card I want is Argothian Enchantress. Everything else is a 'maybe.' Yes, this set has way too many Comet Storms... confirmed!

There may be a set in the future that will make a bunch of people want to play Legacy. I am afraid Eternal Masters is not it. These packs should have been $4 online, or not so full of Comet Storms. Oh, well, back to my list. Here is $10 for needed singles. I am half-way there with Argothian Enchantress. And I am not buying any more packs!