Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Legacy] Ceta {Temur} Sanctuary Build-around Part 2 of 3

Link to Part 1

OK, out go the heavy drops and the Echo cards, in come more Yavimaya Elders and a play set of Thran Foundry (not shown below) to recycle my graveyard.

In only five turns I can have two Sanctuaries and two Elders ready to pop the next turn.

In 8 turns I can win in Solitaire.... that's not great.

Here I pull off the stunt of having all four Sanctuaries on the board in 11 turns of Solitaire.

This is a great board for six turns of this very casual deck.

Here I pull my stunt of four Sanctuaries in 11 turns of Solitaire.

And here I do in 14 turns, which is worse than I attained in my previous version of this deck. Variance is part of Magic.

Even if I am about to mill myself next turn, I can pop one of Thran Foundry before all of the extra draw shenanigans. Here I drop my play set of Sanctuaries in 10 turns.

Link to Part 3