Monday, June 13, 2016

[Legacy] Ceta {Temur} Sanctuary Build-around Part 3 of 3

Link to Part 2

Modern creatures and Legacy non-creature spells form a potent mix. This deck is much stronger than the two previous variations.

Here I am able to play all four Sanctuaries by turn 7.

Here I cast them by turn 11, the longest it took me in these Solitaire games.

Here I cast them by turn 9.

Here I cast them turn 6!

Turn 7.

Turn 8.

Turn 10.

Here is another turn 7 play.

Finally, a turn 10 play set.

And if my objective is to win and not to see how long it takes me to play all four of these enchantments, I can win in Solitaire in five turns.