Saturday, June 11, 2016

[Legacy] Ceta {Temur} Sanctuary Build-around Part 1 of 3

Before there were the wedges in Khans of Tarkir block, there were the wedges in Apocalypse. Each one got an enchantment, and here I build a deck around the blue one, Ceta Sanctuary (At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control a red or green permanent, draw a card, then discard a card. If you control a red permanent and a green permanent, instead draw two cards, then discard a card.) After trying out the white enchantment in this cycle, which is all about life gain, I was not impressed. This one really blew my mind. Because you are drawing so much more than one card per turn, it is really easy to draw additional copies of Ceta Sanctuary. After a while, since I am just playing Solitaire, I made it my objective to see how many turns it would take me to draw all four! It takes 12 or so turns and you nearly mill yourself. Here is the deck:

This is like my second Solitaire game ever with this deck, and I landed two Sanctuaries really quickly.

The card draw gets out of hand in a good way really quickly. But if you look at my hand, I am sort of stuck with a couple of 6-drops. This Sanctuary was made for a deck full of 1-drops, 2-drops, and 3-drops.

Yavimaya Elder proved amazing with Ceta Sanctuary. I can pop it for two, get two lands that I can use to discard with Ceta Sanctuary, and then I get to draw a card!

Mana flood....

Even more mana flood.

Once again, as it was the case with the white Sanctuary deck, Dwarven Patrol loves a balanced three color deck.

Yeah, turn 10 and I have three Ceta Santuaries on the board. Only in Solitaire, of course!

I put Echo creatures in this deck... that was a mistake. I want to play as many as my super-draw cards as possible, and for that, I need all the mana I can get my hands on.

Here I have all four Sanctuaries on the board by turn 12.

But I nearly milled myself.

Here is the same result. I can consistently get all four Sanctuaries on the board in 12 turns of S

And unless they are all at the top of my deck, which is only going to happen rarely, I am almost milling myself.

Time to get rid of the big drops, the Echo cards, and to have some way to recycle my graveyard so as to not mill myself.

Link to Part 2, with some major fixes.