Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Theros Nostalgia

I am a casual Johnny deckbuilder, and therefore, I loved Devotion. Here are all the Theros-centric decks I built. I am planning to build a few more.

[Modern] Devotion to White
[Legacy] White Devotion mostly Human deck
[Standard] Devotion to White no DTK
[Standard] Devotion to White shell ahead of Nyx
[Modern] Another Devotion to Black deck
[Modern] Devotion to Black enchanting lands
[Standard] Black Devotion stand-by deck for the first month of Fate Reforged play
[Legacy] Black Devotion Fun Deck
[Modern] Red Devotion with Obsidean Fireheart
[Legacy] Red Devotion Goblin Deck
[Standard] A Casual Devotion to Green deck with counters
[Modern] A Fun Game with my favorite Modern deck: Devotion to Green
[Standard] Green Devotion with Villainous Strength second version
[Standard] Green Devotion splashing for Sultai (Villainous Wealth)
[Standard] Green Devotion Version 2
[Standard] Green Devotion
[Modern] Devotion to Green in Tournament Practice
[Modern] Minotaurs
[Standard] White Black Erebos Version 2
[Standard] White Black Erebos
[Standard] White Black Enchantment Creatures Optimized
[Modern] White/Green Enchantments Retooled Part 1 of 3
[Modern] White/Green Enchantments Retooled Part 2 of 3
[Modern] White/Green Enchantments Retooled Part 3 of 3
[Standard] Karametra build-around
[Modern] Karametra build-around
[Standard] Eidolon of Countless Battles build-around