Friday, August 26, 2016

Conspiracy Set Review: Green Cards

At least I really like green limited jank. So far, it has been a little painful to find out most of the cards in this set are like the cards in bulk.

Caller of the Untamed: I want to play this. Maybe I get to use the X effect more than once. I a guessing X should be 4, 5, or 6.
Animus of Predation: wow, this sounds really great. If I can use this card for four or five cards, I can play this card with four or five separate abilities. If this is true, I like this card a lot.

Borderland Explorer: A good way early game for everyone to get a land they really need. It's a green way of helping everyone for a more fluid game.
Domesticated Hydra: solid uncommon. In a late game stalled board state, that X clause can be really good.

Entourage of Trest: [Monarch Card] Menace if you are the monarch. That's OK. It's still a 5 drop.
Leovold's Operative: this is a really fun card. If someone passed you a pack with two great picks, it would be great if you had drafted this ahead of that lucky pass.

Fang of the Pack: whatever this card says, it's a 6 drop. Another limited uncommon... ouch!
Menagerie Liberator: creature count helper in limited.

Orchard Elemental: I love these vote cards. If you are at low life, your opponents will give you all the counters and then one of them will take this guy out.
Selvala, Heart of the Wilds: Great card! I guess I am biased towards Green. If you are the one playing Green and have all the big creatures, you will most likely be the one drawing the extra cards. This is one awesome mana dork. I really like this card. It's my favorite so far.

Regal Behemoth: [Monarch Card] ahhhh, mana, all that mana. I love this card.
Selvala's Stampede: Another super awesome card I really want to play. Your opponents have a poor choice. They either let you drop anything in your hand, and if you are in Green you should have plenty of mana available, or they will allow you to draw more creatures from your deck.

Splitting Slime: this is a very easy card to turn monstrous. I love Green, and I love Green in this set.'
Irresistible Prey: awesome uncommon. Block for the kill and draw card, all for one mana; count me in.

Beast Within: Great removal. "permanent" means anything on the board that does not have Hexproof. This is a great uncommon, especially if you have a way of getting rid of that token. Green/Blue would send the token back to the hand.
Lace with Moonglove: Very solid common. It says "draw a card" and 3 mana is nothing in Green.

Berserk: a very powerful card and one of the lottery tickets for the packs that are filled with limited jank-and that should be most packs in this set.
Brushstrider: because limited. Another limited uncommon... sucks.

Birds of Paradise: BOP, all the way from Limited Edition Apha. {Summon - Mana Birds (Flying// Tap to add one mana of any color to your mana pool. This tap may be played as an interrupt.} Great reprint.
Burgeoning: oh, what an awesome card. They should cut out the other colors, and make this send Green only. I need to play it with Blue though, and draw as many cards as possible.

Copperhorn Scout: good if your opponent is tapping your creatures before combat.
Fade into Antiquity: I don't understand why we don't have Naturalize in this slot. This set doesn't have a bunch of indestructible Gods as we did in Theros.

Explosive Vegetation: I want all that mana. Give me all that mana. This one is still a limited uncommon, though.
Forgotten Ancient: in multi-player a ton of spells get played. Let's hope one of them does not destroy this creature.

Lay of the Land: solid mana source.
Nessian Arp: Because limited.

Manaplasm: interesting and can get really big in Green. I like it, and don't consider it a limited-only card.
Netcaster Spider: because limited creature count.

Prey Upon: classic and really good in all formats.
Overrun: classic and really good in all formats.

Plummet: classic and really good in all formats.
Strength in Numbers: This is the number of ALL attacking creatures and it is an instant. This is one fun battle trick in multi-player.

Ravenous Leucrocota: because limited.
Voyaging Satyr: casual all-star for more mana. I would have preferred a real mana dork like Llanowar Elves.

Sylvan Bounty: because limited.
WIld Pair: this is a lot of fun. I can't wait to play it.