Friday, August 26, 2016

Conspiracy Set Review: Multicolored, Artifacts, and Lands

Green was pretty good. There were still a couple of slots that could have been better cards.

Adriana, Captain of the Guard: pretty good. That's a ton of Melee counters.
Kaya, Ghost Assasin: what a beautiful card. I love this design, period. Love it. Very original for an assassin to not have any + loyalty, very, very original. Not for this set's limited experience, but I would place this card in a deck that could add loyalty with Proliferate (Contagion Clasp and/or Contagion Engine), maybe even add Doubling Season. In this set, I am not sure how much this planeswalker will last, and how good it will be.

Knights of the Black Rose: [Monarch Card] not that great. It does feel uncommon, but not a great uncommon. If it had something to do with the graveyard, that would have made it better, or maybe some discard clause.
Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast: Another great design. I love the planeswalkers in this set. I am usually a sucker for planeswalkers. Nice interplay between the +1 and the -1 abilities. There are too many awesome artifacts that are not in this set. I would ultimate with Wurmcoil Engines.

Leowold, Emissary of Trest: "you may draw a card." Enough said. This is awesome.
Akroan Hoplite: a somewhat weak uncommon, but not quite limited jank. The double color restriction can make it come down one or two turns later than you would have needed to and this set isn't exactly brimming with mana sources.

Queen Marchesa: [Monarch Card] Those tokens could be really useful. It seems like a solid card, although not Geist of Saint Traft solid.
Ascended Lawmage: underwhelming card from Dragon's Maze. This set has drawn many cards from some of the weakest sets in recent times.

Carnage Gladiator: that's a very expensive regeneration clause. It reads like Akroan Hoplite, somewhere between weak and limited jank.
Dragonlair Spider: That's a lot of tokens with four opponents. I would love to play this card.

Coiling Oracle: classic reprint, great card, and should have been a common.
Duskmantle Seer: junk mythic rare now a rare. It should be a ton of fun in multiplayer.

Gruul War Chant: I wish it wasn't a 4 drop, yet it is a solid play. Menace for all my critters is really, really good.
Pharika's Mender: weak. It's from Theros, remember? Limited uncommon, this set has way too many of those.

Juniper Order Ranger: that can be a lot of counters. I like it. Definitely better than a limited uncommon.
Shipwreck Singer: what's with all the barely playable cards from Theros? Is this the Theros Conspiracy?

Stormchaser Chimera: what's with all the barely playable cards from Theros? Is this the Theros Conspiracy?

Spy Kit: the title has great flavor. I don't know enough to appreciate the benefit of having all those names associated with one card.
Hedron Matrix: I really want to play this. It should be a really big boost late game when you can cast your bigger critters.

Bronze Sable: what's with all the barely playable cards from Theros? Is this the Theros Conspiracy?
Hexplate Golem: because limited creature count.

Horn of Greed: great reprint. I love these 'cards for everyone' cards.
Opaline Unicorn: what's with all the barely playable cards from Theros? Is this the Theros Conspiracy?

Kitesail: needed, and good.
Platinum Angel: fantastic, and a way for the field to be winnowed down to its controller and whoever is able to enchant it with Spectral Grasp. I see now why Pacifism is not in this set and that makes sense. This is where whoever has Fade into Antiquity can take this out.

Psychosis Crawler: I really don't like these cards. The 'cards in hand' thing is the lamest text I can find on a Magic card. Not even land destruction is that un-fun. I want to play my cards. I don't want them in my hand.
Runed Servitor: solid. Has always been an uncommon. It would have been cool to see it as a common.

Dread Statuary: a decent man-land.
Throne of the High City: [Monarch Card] great flavor to match this set.

Exotic Orchard: this should be a great land in multi-player, and it is not legendary.
Evolving Wilds: the much needed workhorse in a set with very little mana fixing.

Rogue's Passage: a great land. I hope I get one in my draft.
Shimmering Grotto: needed.