Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Conspiracy Set Review: White Cards

Let's go.

Ballot Broker: voting helper card. I would love to have two or three on the board at the same time.
Custodi Soulcaller: it will be most effective if you can cast it early with other white weenies and some of your opponents have no creatures on the board. Otherwise, it's just a 1/2 creature for 3 mana, which isn't great.

Custodi Peacekeeper: I will need to keep notes for this one. If I am the fifth person in that draft round, this is a great card.
Noble Banneret: More notes. I will need to write down the name of the card and that it is associated with this card.

Lieutenants of the Guard: I love these voting cards. They require thinking. Three +1/+1 counters and two 1/1 tokens is not bad for a 5 drop.
Palace Sentinels: [Monarch Card] There may be circumstances when you may not want to become the monarch.... let me think more about this.

Palace Jailer: [Monarch Card] Interesting. It's an open question how often any player will be able to remain as the monarch.
Paliano Vanguard: The creature types are of that other card, not this card. It can be any creature you draft after this card. It can be a creature you draft two packs later, when you know which tribes you have the most and/or the best creatures for.

Protector of the Crown: [Monarch Card] You are casting it late in the game, when you could be taking some big hits. I would like to have some way to buff this, or give it indestructible, or deathtouch.
Sanctum Prelate: Oh this is so much fun. Once I am done with blue, I will be in a better position to name the best number. Right now, I would say three, since that's the casting cost of many counterspells, but the number that matters is the one for this set.

Recruiter of the Guard: Imperial Recruiter's lesser brother. A great card. A must pick in a draft.
Thorne Warden: The counter stays. The only question is how long you will remain the monarch.

Spectral Grasp: Very nice. A Pacifism with just the right use for this format.
Wings of the Guard: Drop it early in white weenies. Late game you will probably have fewer creatures, unless all players at the table decide not to play removal.

Affa Guard Hound: Because you will be playing it in a draft format. It has Flash, and that means you will need to have three mana available after you play your turn.
Disenchant: A classic. It needs no introduction.

Doomed Traveler: Another draft all-star. Great card advantage.
Faith's Reward: I wonder how this plays out in multiplayer. It's an instant, and if you have the mana available after a board wipe, you can get your creatures back before you are attacked by one of your opponents.

Ghostly Possession: you can turn something weak into a pretty good wall.
Hollowhenge Spirit: fun battle trick. You need to have 4 free mana to drop it using Flash.

Ghostly Prison: Another classic that does need an introduction.
Gods Willing: Strong card. I would pick as many as possible to protect my creatures during combat.

Gleam of Resistance: heavy casting cost for the effect. Good late game.
Guardian of the Gateless: another heavy casting cost. If you can make it indestructible or give it deathtouch, or both, that will turn this into a board wipe or a way to deter an attack to buy time.

Hail of Arrows: Great card. I would love to use it late game when X can be largest.
Hundred-Handed One: Great flavor. It should be a riot in multiplayer.

Kill Shot: a needed battle trick.
Hallowed Burial: a great card for sure, especially against any opponent with a bunch of tokens on the board.

Pariah: really strong card. As always, I would want to enchant an indestructible creature or a deathtouch creature.
Reviving Dose: a needed limited battle trick.

Raise the Alarm: a needed battle trick.
Spirit of the Hearth: great card. It would help limit damage from some of your opponents until they can figure out a way to remove this creature.

Wild Griffin: needed limited card.
Zealous Strike: needed limited card.

Windborne Charge: needed limited card.