Tuesday, June 24, 2014

M15 Prep Online

I could be surprised and get variations of the Planeswalkers, but based on the half decks we are getting the Lorwyn 5 minus Garruk and Nissa Revane. I had already gotten playsets of Ajani Goldmane and Liliana Vess.

We are getting more Slivers. I never did play the M14 slivers. Here they are, complete.I already have one of each for most of M14 just in case I do a redemption.

There is a strong artifact theme to the next block that is getting coverage in M15. I buffed my rare artifacts plus the staffs.

Oh, and don't forget Hive Stirrings (I did!).

And one last card: Nissa's Chosen.

....and one last last thing: Elves!!!

June 26 update: OK, at least Liliana Vess is a reprint. The Chandra is again pyromaster, and Ajani and Nissa Revane are new cards. I am still waiting to find out about Jace.

June 27 update: I got 1 of each for the lands that will be reprinted, and the other 5 I expect will also be reprinted. I am sooooo over-spent because of Vintage Masters! If not, I would have gotten more.

And we are getting a new Jace. That means that I was only able to buy cheap Liliana Vess to play in Standard.

July 4 update: bought some of the most popular yet cheap artifacts from the Scars of Mirrodin block.

July 9 update: I added a few multicolored fun cards from Nyx.

July 10 update: Standard artifacts, including Godsend.