Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vintage Masters Buys and Pulls Part 1

Remember, this is not an investment! I will track my buys here. I read on the Wizards web site that the packs will be sold until the Fall set comes out in October. But the heavy drafting will be over by July 2, and that means that this is the time to buy some of the singles at what will likely be their lowest prices.

Here is where I am June 21: I am focusing on a blue-green build with a single JTMS. I bought a few of the key restricted cheaper cards like Library of Alexandria, Mana Vault, Sol Ring, and Time Vault. Fastbond is for my first deck. I also got one Ancient Tomb to test it out in my first deck.

Here is a look at the set from the perspective of the Mythic Rares. I am not buying "power" but all of the Mythic Rares are fair game, especially JTMS.

JTMS is such an awesome card!

And here is my Mythic Rare buy list for the summer.

Then there is Force of Will, Lion's Eye Diamond, the Power 9 "Bonus" or "B" cards, and the ten duals. I doubt the Power 9 will come within my reach, and same is true for Force of Will, but LED and the duals looks like something I can be on the lookout for (BOLO).

Decided to also build for artifacts. Any excuse to play Tolarian Academy is a good excuse.

June 22 update: JTMS #2 (Awesome!)

The current Mythic Rare buy list:

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