Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vintage Masters Buys and Pulls Part 3

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Time for my weekly lottery ticket (my third one). I have pulled a lot of packs on paper and online and am used to pulling crap most of the time. VMA is a little different, even at $7 a pop: there is always some historical fun card you can pull, even at common. Here I pulled a Dark Ritual.

Here are the commons. There are mistakes in the filtering of the online client and the filter keeps a bunch of cards at the wrong rarity in VMA. Gush, for example, is a VMA uncommon.

July 1 update. First the Mythic Rares.

And then the rares below Force of Will and the Dual Lands.

July 3: Here is my fourth lottery ticket.

July 4 update:
Prices have gone down a little.

July 9 update: lottery ticket No. 5

July 13 update: lottery ticket No. 6 (Hymn to Tourarch)

July 15, lottery ticket No.7

July 22 update: three Plateaus. I will pick from the cheaper ones over the course of the summer and use them in Legacy decks.

July 24 update: lottery pack No.8

August 5, 2014 update: lottery tickets 9 and 10 (very nice pulls!)

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