Saturday, January 31, 2015

FRF Builds

1. Abzan Beastmaster: This deck highlights Abzan Beastmaster. Once one or two are on the board with a fattie, the extra-card drawing begins.

2. Soulflayer Deck by Bibleman: This is a deck I played against (Blibleman is the player, great byuild!) and it is way more effective than the build I tried.

3. Fun with artifacts: This deck is not a beater, but it showcases some of the new artifacts and it can win sometimes. Definitely a casual deck.

4. Mono-Black Soulflayer: Erebos has gone down a lot in price. Here is a deck that uses devotion only just a little and uses Soulflayer only just a little as well. It is quite effective so far.

5. Warriors: Utter End is an awesome card in this format and is the card that makes this deck a fairly consistent winner in Just for Fun.

6. Monastery Siege and Stubborn Denial Blue Green: This deck is a ton of fun, and even very good on account of how the two showcased cards work. Once you control a big critter, Stubborn Denial becomes a Counterspell for one blue.

7. Blue Red Temur Battle Rage tryout.

8. [Modern] FRF Build: Sage's Reverie: I tried several Standard builds that just didn't work. The deck works in Modern but it is not a strong deck. It is playing three colors and it could use some of the Fetchlands I don't have.

Just in case the Zendikar Fetchlands are in Dragons of Tarkir, I intend to focus on the following two-color pairs in my FRF builds, matching the colors of the Zendikar Fetchlands:

Arid Mesa is White/Red
Marsh Flats is White/Black
Misty Rainforest is Blue/Green
Scalding Tarn is Red/Blue
Verdant Catacombs is Green/Black

Manifest, Delve, and Warriors

Here are the 30 cards I want to try out first: