Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fate Reforged Review: other Rares and Mythic Rares

Ugin is Ugin... I hope I pull one [paper $30.88 Jan 20 15].
Other White:

Monastery Mentor [paper $25.94 Jan 20 15] looks like could be abused as more and more tokens with Prowess get generated because the ones dropped earliest get the Prowess benefit and can attack with it.
I like the three rares...
Rally the Ancestors [paper $0.70 Jan 20 15],
Dragonscale General [paper $0.69 Jan 20 15], and
Mastery of the Unseen [paper $0.80 Jan 20 15] are all aggressively costed and have good battle tricks.
Other Blue:

Jeskai Infiltrator [paper $0.51 Jan 20 15] looks great if Manifest ends up being a thing.
Temporal Trespass [paper $4.23 Jan 20 15] is broken, I don't care what anyone says otherwise. I hope people under-rate it so that I can get me a play set.
Other Black:

I like them all!
Archfiend of Depravity [paper $1.25 Jan 20 15] at 5 can be a thing by causing your opponent to have at most two creatures.
Ghastly Conscription [paper $1.62 Jan 20 15] is expensive, but with a varied mana base can end a game in your favor.
Mardu Strike Leader [paper $2.00 Jan 20 15] is no Geist of Saint Traft, but there are ways to keep it alive for many turns to make it drop many tokens (make it have hexproof or indestructible) and they don't get exiled at end of turn like Geist's token.
Crux of Fate [paper $6.22 Jan 20 15] is a good board wipe. The logic is a little silly: it should just say "Destroy all creatures."
Soulflayer [paper $2.89 Jan 20 15] is my second favorite card of the set. I am sure you can drop this card for less than 6 with Delve, and that makes my inner Johnny giddy.
 Other Red:

I like almost all of them!
Arcbond [paper $0.60 Jan 20 15] can be tricky since it its EVERYTHING. I would have it with some indestructible creatures on my side.
Flamerush Rider's [paper $0.72 Jan 20 15] token ability is a nice late game trick.
Flamewake Phoenix [paper $3.94 Jan 20 15] could suck... I am not sure.
Mob Rule [paper $0.40 Jan 20 15] can end the game in your favor.
Other Green and the rare Artifact:

Sandsteppe Mastodon [paper $0.63 Jan 20 15] can be abused with Hardened Scales.
Shamanic Revelation [paper $0.93 Jan 20 15] can mean massive card draw.
The other cards will be good if Manifest ends up being a thing.
Scroll of the Masters [paper $0.53 Jan 20 15] can combo with Hardened Scales: me likes.