Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Standard Ixalan UG Explore

I have taken this deck as far as I could with this limited Standard. There are many decks that are better than it, and I could also play it more, but at this stage I am only surveying the new set, and that may even be all I do before Standard gets more sets. This is the first go at it. It lost a lot.

I added some defensive and offensive cards, and now the deck does not lose as much.

Here is a win. I was able to hit hard early. I got lucky that my opponent had a late game that I could beat.

I could lose one creature a turn to their big critter and continue to edge closer to a win.

Here is a close-up.

And then I was able to counter Walking Ballista.

Yeah, that was fun.

Here I lost against a deck that must have been playing Approach of the Second Sun, even though none got cast. My opponent could temporarily exile and do so often enough to slow me down by a lot.

Gideon's Intervention naming Siren Lookout and Hostile Desert (after I attacked with it to almost win the game) broke my advance.

And even though I took out one Torment of Scarabs, there were two more to win the game.