Monday, October 9, 2017

Standard Ixalan UG Merfolk

If we get better UG lands in the next set, this deck will be a better deck. It also needs a Merfolk lord, a better mana dork, and Naturalize.... it needs a lot more support. Yes, there are some money cards that make it better, but I wish it would work as a casual deck, and it did not work for me. Oh, and all of the 'add counters' spells in this Standard want you to have two or three Merfolk on the board. Because the deck has such a slow manabase, and is just battlecruiser slow, if you are playing against any target removal, you will be dead real quick.

Here is an example of how weak this deck is against removal. I start with a reasonable, yet slow position.

After enough target removal, I am top-decking and have no Merfolk left. Oh well, it was worth a try.